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The RD12 Rail Drill

Is a rugged hydraulic powered drill with all of the features that give speed reliability, accuracy and extended bit life. It features an automatic bit feed that eliminates clutches, gears and shims found on competitive models. The power of the RD12 when used in conjunction with our exclusive indexable carbide tipped bits easily drills both hardened and standard rail with the same tool, providing the lowest cost per hole available on the market. 

  • Lightweight aluminum construction for ease of transport and positioning.
  • Over-center clamp design for greater stability
  • Indexable carbide tipped bits available
  • Automatic water/coolant control valve with a preset integrated water flow control extends insert life
  • Tool rack for extra bits keeps your spare inventory secure
  • Wide range of rail templates available to reduce your setup time 

Bit capacity: Up to 1 – 9/16 in. Diameter / 36mm diameter
Bit type: Carbide inserts (2) on insert holder
Water capacity: 2 gallons / 7.6 liters
Weight: 58.5lb. / 26.5kg.
Length: 28 inch / 71.1cm
Width: 190 inch / 88cm
Height: 12 inch / 30.5cm
RPM: 900 (@10 gpm / 38 lpm)
Pressure: 2000 psi / 140 bar
Flow range: 8 – 10 gpm / 30 – 38 lpm
Feed rate: .0013 inches per revolution. / 03 mm per revolution
Output: 1.5 inch hole in 40 seconds / 38 mm hole in 40 seconds
Connect size & type: HTMA flush face coupler