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This Hydraulic Spike Puller by Matweld is a powerful tool for routine maintenance-of-way operations. It enables operators to remove spikes quickly, safely, and efficiently from railroad ties. It’s built to generate 13,000 pounds of pulling force, ensuring that even the most stubborn spikes can be removed without trouble.

It uses a safe, two-speed design which grabs the spike at a slow speed, which helps to avoid the jerking motion common among other spike pullers in use for railroad operations. The design also incorporates a safety trigger, which eliminates the risk of accidental activation.

Using an efficient design, operators can grab the spike from either side of the rail with no need to reposition – then automatically pull the spike and drop it at the top of the stroke using a single motion.

All moving parts are fully enclosed for safety, and the jaws of the spike puller can be changed as needed in minutes at the worksite without special tools – making it an ideal tool for all field operations. It’s designed to run at both 5 GPM and 10 GPM to provide enhanced flexibility and control. Shop for other railroad tools and equipment today.

Quick Specs:

  • Hydraulic 2-speed Spike Puller – offers 5 GPM and 10 GPM flow for added safety
  • Safety trigger
  • All moving parts fully encapsulated for safety
  • 13,000 lbs of pulling force
  • 39.00 lbs weight