Dewalt DCF899B  High Torque Impact, 1/2" 13 mm (Tool Only)

Dewalt DCF899B High Torque Impact, 1/2" 13 mm (Tool Only)

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20V Max XR High Torque 1/2" Impact Wrench with Quick Release Chuck. (Tool Only)

These battery-powered impact wrenches are made by DEWALT. Impact wrenches have a square drive and use impact-rated sockets to drive nuts and bolts. Tool batteries can often be used with tools of the same brand, battery series, and voltage. Voltage describes the level of power the battery provides. Tools with low-voltage batteries are light and compact, making them suitable for maintenance tasks. Tools with high-voltage batteries are heavy but deliver ample power for demanding tasks. Amp-hours (Ah) describes the amount of power the battery holds (its capacity), which determines how long a fully charged battery can perform before needing a recharge. The higher the Ah rating of the battery, the greater its storage capacity. As voltage and Ah ratings increase so do the weight and bulk of the battery and the tool it powers.